Cruise Ship Musicians

We are the UK’s leading cruise ship musician agency.

Musicianpro are always searching for professional musicians who are looking for the opportunity to start their new career as a cruise ship musician. If you are suitable you will have the chance to travel extensively, gain financial stability, meet some amazing people and embark on a new exciting adventure on some of the finest cruise ships in the world!

Why Choose Musicianpro?

Musicianpro was created by a former cruise ship musician based in the UK. The initial idea was to set up an agency which specialized in supplying musicians only to the cruise industry. Over the past 5 years Musicianpro has expanded each year and is now considered to be the UK’s leading cruise ship musician agency. Our aim is to provide a platform for any professional musician who would like the opportunity to become a cruise ship musician and have a taste of the amazing experience that is now simply called #shiplife.

We understand the many years of practice and studying which you have completed to become the skilled professional musician that you are today. You can be confident that while you are working with Musicianpro, your talent is always appreciated and your welfare is our number one priority. We will strive to find you the best cruise ship to showcase your talent and once you have been offered a contract, we will guide you through the entire onboarding process every step of the way…then your journey begins!

We recognize the importance of all our musicians and the role you play in the successful growth and longevity of Musicianpro. If you would like to join the UK’s leading cruise ship musician agency and make your dreams a reality… simply click APPLY.