The audition process will vary depending upon the cruise opportunity you are applying for, however most positions will require an online audition. All rhythm & horn section musicians will also require a sight-reading test.

Auditions are held throughout the year online. If one of our clients is considering you for a cruise opportunity, you may be invited to participate in an online audition. Alternatively you may be selected to attend one of our live UK auditions which are generally twice per year.

Yes – the minimum age to apply is 21.

Salaries will vary depending upon the cruise company and the position.

You can expect to work up to 4 hours per day.

All contract lengths will vary depending on the cruise opportunity you are applying for.

Most musicians will be in a shared cabin. The exceptions to this are usually if you are a band leader or a single entertainer, ie. Piano Vocalist or Guitar Vocalist. In these cases you will have your own cabin. Also if you are a duo and are partners, you will share a cabin.

Upon receiving confirmation of your contract, you will receive a uniform guide explaining musician dress requirements.

There is no fee to join Musicianpro, we are an agency not a subscription service.

Musicianpro will charge you commission per month for any contracts secured by us. (Full Terms of Business will be sent once a contract has been agreed)

This will vary depending on the cruise company. However if the cruise company does include health insurance, you are usually covered whilst onboard and also when you are ‘in port’.

You will be eligible for friends & family discount with most cruise companies, once you have worked onboard for a minimum of 6 months.

Most musicians are required to bring their own instruments, with the exception of drums and keyboard positions. These will be provided by the cruise company, however you will usually be required to bring sticks, cymbals & any leads.

Rhythm & horn section musicians ONLY will require a good standard of sight-reading ability and you will complete a sight-reading test during the audition process.

A passport is a necessity and must be valid for the entire duration of your contract. If you are a non UK citizen, you must have at least 6 months passport validity after your contract ends.

All cruise companies will instruct you to have a medical carried out. The type of medical will vary dependent on the cruise company, however all cruise companies will require you to be ‘Fit for Duty’ before being allowed onboard.

You may be required to apply for several different visas, depending where you are travelling to. If you are travelling to any U.S. destinations, you will require a C1/D Crew member & transit visa. Any musicians participating in land-based rehearsals in the U.S. will also require an ESTA. We will help you to obtain these visas during the onboarding process.